The Last Temptation of Christ


This photographic project is inspired by the film «The Last Temptation of Christ» by Martin Scorsese, which is based on the homonymous novel by Nikos Kazantzakis, as well as by the book «The Gospel According to Jesus Christ» by José Saramago. Additionally, the work draws significant inspiration from the art of Caravaggio. It deviates from the notion of representing saints in accordance with traditional Catholic iconography and instead portrays them in a more mundane, everyday, and human manner. Saints are depicted as beggars, and virgins as prostitutes, departing from conventional portrayals.

Team work

Ana Caballero: Photographer and Art Director
Carlos Baeza: Photo Assistant 1
Natalia García: Photo Assistant 2
David Álvaro Martínez: Assistant 3
Amelie Romero: María Magdalena Makeup
Manuela Cruzado: Jesús Makeup
Pedro García: Jesús
Natalia Jordán: María Magdalena